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06-16-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Green Blob View Post
He will redeem himself. Probably put up 70 points which is better then anyone we will get on the market.

If he stinks again we sit him and buy him out next season, no big deal.

For someone who "stunk" so bad this year, 34 points in 46 games, good for 3rd on the team isnt bad...just saying (yes i know he was brutal though in the playoffs).

He was put in the doghouse by Torts which is why he was going to be bought out, now thats Torts is gone hes very likely to stay.

Maybe in NHL 2013 it isn't a big deal. This is reality where a guy making $7M bucks a year getting scratched on a nightly basis is a big deal. It would be an unneeded distraction and not something you me or any Rangers fan wants to see. The questions of "why wasn't Richards bought out?" would linger throughout the year. Richards was brutal the whole year. Take away the last two weeks of the season and what were Richards totals? He wasn't put in the doghouse by Torts. Richards put himself in the doghouse. Sather also said it was an organizational decision. Lets not pretend Torts was the sole reason Ricahrds got scratched. For all we know Torts was the sole reason Richards wasn't scratched earlier.

The Rangers should buy Richards out and move on. You can use the money for depth. You can also not use the money and keep it until the trade deadline.

What's more likely to happen, Richards plays great or Richards has another terrible year?

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