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06-16-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
The rule exists for the case that a goalie has legitimately frozen the puck but it gets knocked loose and into the net in the 1-2 seconds that it takes for the ref to blow the whistle.

Maybe they need a hybrid rule where if he's blowing it because he's lost sight then it's up until the whistle, if he's blowing it for freezing the puck, calling a penalty, etc... then it's when he's made his decision.
Well if it is that easy to knock loose, maybe it wasnt well covered in the first place.. 1-2 seconds doesn't seem much but it should take half second for a ref to put the whistle in their mouth.

If in the case of a goalie having full control of the puck and gets slashes on the glove and the puck gets lose or the goalie gets pushed in the net covering the puck, the refs have the power to disallow the goal.

What are video review for? To help the ref make the right decision. If they make a bad decision on the ice, they can revert it after watching the replay. Great. What's important after all is to take a good decision and allow a legitimate good goal or disallow a bad goal.

In this case, the goal is always a good goal, the video review shows an uncovered puck crossing the goal line before the play is called dead.. But they still disallow a good goal.

What is the point of protecting one team by making a bad call and punishing the other team? And does it happen enough to have such rule?

I dunno, looks like we see a lot of these intent to blow rule and it will always be a rule that disallow a legitimate good goal.

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