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06-16-2013, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
At 5 more years? At nearly 4M per? No. They wouldn't line up. Most of them have a player who fills Gorges' role for half the money.

Boston has Ference who plays Gorges' role.
Chicago has Roszival or Oduya playing his role.

All are significantly less paid on much shorter terms than Gorges.

Nobody said he was a scrub. But a 4M per season? People should focus on that instead of a 23 years old trophy winner who'll get his deserved pay cheque.
Gorges is making 530K more than Oduya. Pretty insignificant. He's also one year removed from a 3.5 million dollar cap hit. If anything you demonstrated that Gorges is making a little over league minimum to a comparable player.

Roszival is an aging D-man and not a comparable. Teams are less willing to invest big money in aging players and don't forget that he's just one year removed from making 5 million.

Also you chose D-men from two teams that are extremely well built and balanced in all areas. Who's to say Gorges wouldn't look as good as these players on a D core that has more diversity and better overall talent? Who's to say that Ference wouldn't completely crap the bed in Montreal?

Gorges is slightly overpaid, but not nearly by any amount that is bothersome or back breaking. He's a very useful defenseman who has value to this team both on the ice and as an asset, and isn't anywhere close to being problem for this club moving forward.

Also the contract discussion regarding Subban isn't comparable to Gorges. We're not talking about Subban being overpaid, we're talking about the opportunity to have signed him at a discount. Apples and Oranges. Unless we had the chance to have locked up Gorges long-term at a smaller cap hit, but waiting for a breakout season instead, then the situations aren't comparable.

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