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06-16-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
Oduya is paid for 2 more years. Much more movable contract if things turn out sour, isn't it?

3.3M for 2 more years (6.6M)
3.9M for 5 more years (19.5M)

Roszival can be 1 year removed from a 5M contract, it doesn't change anything. He's just as effective, bigger, better offensively, and all that while being paid peanuts.

Who's to say Roszival, a guy who looked like this everywhere he's been in this league, wouldn't look exactly the same for the Habs.

Oduya was playing just as good for Atlanta AND NJ. If you remember him, he looked just as good.

Ference, even back when the Bruins were an 8th spot team, was just as good as he is now.

There is a reason why those teams are that well built; they don't give ridiculous contracts to depth players.
Actually Oduya wasn't as sharp in Atlanta and near the end with jets as he is with the Hawks. He was good in NJ though. I remember people scoffing at the idea of trading a second rounder for him.

I disagree about drawing comparisons between Roszival and Gorges. The former is 6 years older, it's rare that 34 year old players get those kinds of deals. Ference is also 34.

I also extremely disagree about Gorges being a depth player as well as his contract being "ridiculous". He's getting paid similar money to Johnny Oduya, who you admit is a comparable player, while being three years younger. In fact, Oduya is probably the best comparable has he just signed a 3 year 3.385 million dollar contract and just came off of a 3 year 3.5 million dollar contract. Similar situations for similar players.

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