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06-16-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Total drivel and a garbage post.

I'd somewhat agree if you were trying to argue that Gorges was overpaid or something but to totally and disingenuously ignore defensive qualities when assessing a d-man is inexcusable. Either you're blind, a fool or intentionally withholding those points - in either case, you're totally wrong and ignorant of reality.

For the record: I hated Hamrlik and his contribution to the team. At his cap hit (at the time) and usage, I found that he wasn't bringing half of what his contemporaries offered for the same hit. I called him fat, cowardly, lazy and so on. Thing is, while he didn't bring any physicality, crease-clearing or point play, and while he constantly lazily chipped the puck out instead of making a play - his positional game was 2nd to none on our team. I just wanted more because the man was playing 20-25 minutes a night and murdering any chance at a transition game.

But with today's cap and our team structure, with PK, Markov and Diaz - Gorges' contribution is different.

Gorges is a fully defensive defenseman, and time and time again it's been shown that defensive defenseman are hard to assess and their contribution even harder to quantify.

His positioning, timing, stick work and awareness are what you should be talking about. And if you knew a thing about hockey you'd know that Gorges is a pretty damn good dman with all those considerations.

He doesn't lose the play like Bouillon, he doesn't jump into the lane too early like Markov, etc. He was just exposed by Therien's awful defensive system but honestly, so was everybody else.

I'm on my phone at the moment so I won't delve into it too much but Gorges today is definitely our 3rd best dman. He brings much stability and time crunching to our sorry d-corps and I'd trust him out there over Diaz, Emelin or the rest of the smurf kingdom any day.
Thank you. Some people are just piling crap on Gorges and it's just not true. I don't have the energy or articulate finesse to reply to them, but I'm glad you did.

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