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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Oduya and Gorges have had similar offensive outputs in their careers. Oduya is quicker sure, but that doesn't necessarily translate into better.

You are the one who brought up Oduya as a comparable. Gorges pay discrepancy is marginal.

Oduya has a rough patch in his career as well and one season doesn't make a career.

I disagree with your assessment with Gorges entire. I find you to exaggerate his flaws and overlook his contributions. Like I said, teams would line-up to acquire Gorges and his salary wouldn't be a hindrance. Nothing about his cap hit is back-breaking or absurd. He's slightly overpaid.
NO guy like Gorges gets a 6 years contract in this league. The kind of hockey he plays makes him likely to get significantly worst as the years pass. At this point, his salary gets more and more of a problem.

Oduya, for one, is much quicker, and that changes a whole lot of things in his game. He's much better at keeping the blueline, and he's far from putting himself out of position to block shots as much as Gorges does.

You keep bringing up the contracts as similar.

Oduya is being paid for 2 more years. 2 more years is easily movable.
Gorges is getting paid more, for 5 more years.

Keep ignoring that fact though.

I could care less about the age at which they'll finish their respective contract. They're similar players, Gorges being less of a complete player, making more money, for twice as long.

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