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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
NO guy like Gorges gets a 6 years contract in this league. The kind of hockey he plays makes him likely to get significantly worst as the years pass. At this point, his salary gets more and more of a problem.

Oduya, for one, is much quicker, and that changes a whole lot of things in his game. He's much better at keeping the blueline, and he's far from putting himself out of position to block shots as much as Gorges does.

You keep bringing up the contracts as similar.

Oduya is being paid for 2 more years. 2 more years is easily movable.
Gorges is getting paid more, for 5 more years.

Keep ignoring that fact though.

I could care less about the age at which they'll finish their respective contract. They're similar players, Gorges being less of a complete player, making more money, for twice as long.
Oduya is 31 and Gorges is 28. Both contracts will end when the players are 33 years old. Entirely comparable. Sure Oduya gets there sooner, but your whole argument is that Gorges game will decline significantly by then. If both players are comparable in their roles, something which you brought up, there is no reason to expect Gorges to decline that quickly over the next three years.

Oduya is quicker, but isn't as willing to take a hit to make a play like Gorges is. Also, Gorges is a much better shot blocking, which regardless whether you want to deny it, is an important asset in today's nhl. Oduya and Gorges both have their strengths and flaws, but I wouldn't trade Gorges to acquire Oduya for example regardless of the remaining term. It would be the definition of a lateral move. Like you said, they are very similar players, have been paid similarly as well.

There is no issue here, just one that you are fabricating to justify your dislike for Josh Gorges. I personally think you are completely out to lunch with your assessment of Gorges.

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