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10-14-2006, 07:22 AM
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It's still way early BUT thier are things about the Habs 2006-7 that are starting to be known.

First, this team has plenty of speed and can keep up to ANY other NHL team.

Second, This team has good lines, quality players and 2 good goalies.
Without a game breaking superstar at any one position.

Third, this is not a one line team or even a 2 line team. This team can roll 3 good lines and better yet the 4th line has energy and specialty team written all over it.

Forth, Carbo has only started to imprint his way on the team. He has already helped the Centers with face-off percentages and the PK players with his "Best of the NHL PK stratagies"

Fifth, room for improvement, you bet! There is tweaking left to be done. The first line is now set in stone but the second line needs to produce at a better level. Give Carbo some time (10 more games) to get it right.

Sixth and perhaps one of the more important factors. DEPTH.
Tender and Kost. Tender is ready to move up and Kost is ready to be called up. AND it gets better, give Chip and Grabo and a few others 1/2 a season in Hamilton and they also will be ready for the
Habs if needed in a pinch.

This team is winning games right now and it's running on 6 of 8 cylinders. It has more upside to come and every month that goes by the kids keep getting better and better. Tender is learning and Prez has not yet broken out. Still, you can see that when the 2006-7 habs hit thier stride with a true "A" game with all 8 cylinders going THIS TEAM WILL BE DANGEROUS as a team not as a line.

You can lose to any NHL team now. Parity is much much closer.
But in this new NHL I would much rather have a 4 line club then anything else.

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