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06-16-2013, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by dreamingofdrouin View Post
changin topics here a bit..i know bickell has been discussed here b4...just wondering what the consensus is on what kind of cap hit bickell will have next year. i took a rough guess at about 3..not sure if that's too much too little....i hadn't really seen alot of him until the playoffs but he looks very good in this postseason and has been producing bigtime.
3-ish seems about right. Maybe we'd have to do 3.25 or 3.5 to win the sweepstakes? It's definitely risky, because to me, Bickell is just not normally the player we've seen in the playoffs. He has usually been a lot more inconsistent and has never put up offense to speak of. I watched him in junior a lot and felt like he had that inconsistency from Day 1 and I'm not really sold on him being able to suddenly change and really be the player he has been in the playoffs. But we're pretty desperate and the pickings are pretty slim. I'd go ahead and offer $10M/3yrs anyway, just on a dice roll. We need the player Bickell has been in the playoffs. It's worth a try.

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