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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
Gorges has played 20+ minutes the last 5 years, how much more "proven" do you want from a player? Plus he is 28, a lot younger than those two meaning 5 more years of contract is less risky than for a 34-35 year old.

What "more" do Scuderi and Ference bring? Scuderi the last 2 years has 21 ponts and -13, Gerence had 37 points and +15 and Gorges 25 points and +18. Oduya 30 points and +6. Size wise he is bigger than Ference and a bit smaller than Scuderi.

Saying those guys are clearly better is BS. You can argue small details either way but he's at least on par with the majority of those guys.

Your last paragraph is ridiculous.

I said Gorges was a good/solid #3-4, how you assiociate that with "great" is mind boggling. I don't know of too mnay #3-04 guys going into the hall of fame, great d-men are usually #1 or at worst #2 on powerhouse teams. Drewiske is a dependable #7 guy, gain, not sure on which planet taht equates to "great", Tinordi has excellent upside but based on his play so far in the NHl he's been far far from great, still a work in progress. Diaz, same as Gorges, good/solid #3-4, again, not sure where you get "great" out of that?
Gorges himself would not even agree.

So...he brings NOTHING offensively. He can't clear the net, gets creamed along the boards. He can't bring a physical element to the game. He has a very weak shot. How in the hell is that a solid #3/4? Because he blocks shots? He plays a lot of minutes? We will continue to have a physically weak defense as long as he is considered a "solid" 3-4. The guy should be on the 3rd pairing and moved up to the 2nd pairing in a pinch along with some PK duty. His contract stinks.

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