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Article on Higgins on

Another nice article about Chris Higgins on

Christopher Higgins: Bleu-blanc-rouge depuis toujours

He talks about September 11, 2001 and how his father worked at Ground Zero for about a month, how his father is a huge Habs fan, the first habs game he saw (the Habs lost 3-0 against the Rangers and that made him cry!), how he grew up in a big family of five children and how it affects his desire for privacy, his girlfriend moving in with him...

I especially like the list at the end, it rocks! Gotta love his sense of humour!

Favorite movie : The Big Lebowski. It's hilarious!

Favorite actors : Morgan Freeman et Jessica Biel.

Best present he ever got : A huge black GI Joe plane. It didn't survive the treatments we inflicted it!

Best present he ever offered : I gave my mother a new stove for Christmas. I ruined the old one by using it to heat my hockey sticks and curve the blade!

Musical style : I love punk music. My favorite groups are Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New.

Best show ever seen : Greenday, at Giants Stadium. One of my friends was thrown out by security because he had done some body surfing right at the start of the show. He heard about 10 seconds of the first song. He was furious!

Favorite restaurant : Taco Bell. I can't do without it in the summer. That's the only thing I don't like about Montreal: there's no Taco Bell.

Culinary speciality : I can fix myself some nice bowls of cereal!

Favorite bars : Any bar with a terasse. I've visited each and every one of them in Montreal!

Would we see him on a dance floor : Never when sober! I need to drink a lot of Bud Light to find myself on the dance floor. I have no rhythm and I know it!

What he loves about Montreal : Its bilingualism. It's very enlightening ( ? enrichissant) to live in a city where english isn't the main language. I'd like to learn french someday. I'm not too bad when it comes to reading it.

Favorite TV shows : 24 and Entourage, a HBO comedy.

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