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06-16-2013, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by vBurmi View Post
Again, you're completely missing my point. I said Neal was a good finisher. I also said he was a pure finisher, not someone who'd make opportunities on his own. Your own admittance that his goal production could drop by up to 50% without Malkin proves my point. Winnipeg doesn't have anything close to an equivalent of Malkin for him to play with.

Bringing up grinders who no one has ever confused with finishers is completely irrelevant to what we're discussing.
because of how you worded it ("Malkin feeding him easy goals"), it's relevant. you worded it as if Neal had nothing to do with the goals he scored, as if Malkin did all of the work and Neal just leached off of Malkin's glorious setups and opportunities. if those were "easy goals", it's interesting to mention that those other players (Glass, Jeffrey, Boychuk) didn't do nearly as well as Neal did.

if you left it at "Neal has trouble setting up his own scoring chances", i wouldn't have an issue with it. but you didn't.

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