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Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer View Post
Lauridsen fans are just your usual 'root for the average/underdog/longshot'. I know, I'm one of his fans. He's shown he is coachable, he does what is asked, big, has faults, but has shown he takes criticism and works on it. He's a prototypical raw kid who is just likable. He can really be a descent 7th this year, and in the future probably a nice serviceable 5/6 and while you may scoff and say "so, a 6/7 who cares?" you must remember this is the franchise that brought Lilja in for the those roles. Its the small things in life.

For a fan base that went to death blows over Lasse ****ing Kukkonen, this should not surprise you when we latch on to a player who's absolute max .01% chance peak is a middle of the pack player. In short - He's cool.. thats why! haha. I hope he can land some nice bottom line work this year where he can learn to maximize positioning and body work in the pros.

That said, yeah Gus is the main prospect. No Lauridsen fan ,I think, has the dude penciled in as 1A, top line guy. But Bourdon has definitely lost his spot due to injury. His time with the Phantoms this year has been lackluster- something like 17 games, -5 +/-, and 4 points. He's still rough out there. Lauridsen's NHL stat line is better than that.
You know what I like about Lauridsen...he works his butt off out there. Every shift, all the time. He is trying, he made a lot of mistakes, and then he would work hard to "fix" his mistake. He got better, every game, in his stint up with the club.

He didn't back down from anybody either. Stood up for teammates multiple times, when necessary.

Is he maybe a 5 tops....probably...but for what he is, I'll take the kind of effort and attitude he brings any day of the week.

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