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06-16-2013, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Seguin4TheWin View Post
The sulking and pouting you get from Lester is maddening. I'd rather watch Lackey's unprofessional tantrums of the past than watch Lester pout and sulk for 5 innings and call it a day. Maybe it was bad timing when Lester came up considering Beckett was the ace of the staff at that time and he was probably a less than ideal mentor for a young pitcher.
Well, you've already contradicted yourself so its clear your just spewing **** out about Lester because you don't like him. How can one both sulk and pout on the mound and not care at at same time?

Lester has not quit on the team like Beckett did, nor has he demonstrated his lack of ****s at any point during his tenure in Boston save for maybe that Toronto game last year. He is a good #2 starter in the midst of a funk right now. **** happens. People are way to quick to overreact around these parts. It's a 162 game season.

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