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06-17-2013, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by FlamesFanatic12 View Post
And if Irving couldn't play better than Taylor or Brust to earn time, it's no ones fault but his own. I've never been particularily impressed with Irving. He;s been given years to step up his game and snatch a spot, never been able to. In the last few seasons, if he played well enough to be an AHL starter, he would have been.
Snatch a spot meaning what? He was the MVP and the legit starter of the Heat a couple of years ago. It's amazing how all the detractors conveniently ignore that point.

Then he got injured. Brust was signed and took the starters job. But, and this is the biggest criticism of Ward and the development process with the Heat, Irving never got a chance to regain his starter's job. Because Ward coaches to win, he rolled with the hot hand, which was often Brust, and later Taylor. All of which meant Irving was relegated to once a month starts and few goalies will thrive in that kind of environment.

Irving was mishandled and that should be obvious to anyone. he wasn't even given a chance at the job during the lockout; rather than developing Flames prospects, the Heat choose a platoon of Brust and Taylor, neither of whom have a NHL future. That's bad development, plain and simple.

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