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06-17-2013, 01:15 AM
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Im 28, roller bladed as a kid and ice skated a couple of times...

Decided I wanted to play goalie, so I went on craigslist (local online classifieds) and bought everything.
While I was piecing everything together I went to public skate sessions 7-8 times to get to the point where I could pretend to ice skate.

Got everything, and went to stick time (open practice, free skate with pads pucks and nets) and jumped in front of a net. Honestly, first time out I could barely stop in my crease without the net but people love having any goalie to shoot on.

I guess it depends on where you are. So far one stick time I went to was BIG, too many people on ice and would suck to be a first timer. The other hand full have been like 5 guys at an ice rink. Definitely have had guys there who were falling down regular skating, but with the pads you can be confident in pushing your skating abilities a little harder...

I'd say buy stuff play hockey...That easy. Start off with stick times, there should be something like that around... I live in california, and there are tons of people at the lower levels in the same place as you. Don't go to semi pro try outs, do go to random open to all levels stuff and just go for it... Outside of league play I don't think the expectations are very high... Competitive nature takes over at times, but do realize in adult hockey pretty much no one is thinking about going pro (except me, cause Fasth did it at 30 and I still got a year to practice...) so its just guys who love the sport enough to get out there and play it for the love of it. As long as your finding stuff aimed at your level most are just going to be happy more people are into it.

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