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06-17-2013, 02:23 AM
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Possible foot injury?

I took a shot (not a very hard one) off of my middle instep tonight. Hurt like hell for about 10 minutes and then went away. It was just pick up hockey so not much adrenaline or anything. While getting undressed I notice there is a dull pain in the area between the base of my toes and the top of my foot.

I'm OK walking, but the dull pain kicks in as I flex my toes at the end of a stride. I have been icing it and that improves the moderate pain, but heat seems to amplify it. There is absolutely no swelling or bruising anywhere. It seems strange that this pain is not really at the point of impact.

Unfortunately I do not have insurance at this time, and in lieu of paying out of pocket for exams and x-rays and such, I call on the wisdom of this fine board for any theories, thoughts, or advice.

- took a wrist shot of my instep
- left rink with dull pain as I flex my toes
- no bruising or swelling
- ice reduces pain, heat increases it
- ideas?

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