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Originally Posted by Habsrback View Post
No young player, as far as I can remember, has been handed everything by the Habs as Carey Price. He was treated, from the start, as a future Hall of Famer as his size and agility blinded everybody.

Following the win of team Canada jr, Habs brought him in Hamilton in the playoffs, to win the Calder trophy, this at the cost of Halak who had carried the Bulldogs all year;
Traded Halak after his miraculous playoff play-that was too much of a threat;
Traded also any goalie of decent worth to make sure that he did not feel threatened;
Fired 2 goalie coaches;
Handed him a 6 year/39M contract....

In the meantime, Carey has delivered very inconsistent regular season play...he was however very consistent in the playoffs with performances rivalled only by MAF and Luongo.

The problem with Carey Price is that some tough love was needed but never came. We can no longer speak of potential and provide lame excuses such as age anymore. What we have here is a good goalie that was overrated. Luckily, there are still some GM's who would give a King's ransom for him, but the window is now much smaller. Another bad playoff and we have a problem.

The objective is to win the Cup, and Carey has demonstrated too many times that he cannot perform consistently at a championship level. Let's see what MB has in the tank. Good GM's quickly correct their own mistakes.
We can no longer say that he will get better with age because he's 25 now? A goalie that everyone considers TOP 5 like Pekka Rinne started to be a starter in the NHL at like 30 and before that was AHL bound every year. Just be patient, we all know what Price can do...

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