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06-17-2013, 08:03 AM
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if you see the hustle and the effort but they are just getting beat it is probably related to reading the play/anticipating the play. look for some drills that focus on read and react type plays.

an example of a drill is stand in one corner of the rink with the pucks and have them forecheck you in pairs or 3's. teach the first kid to force you to make a play and then you either ring it up one side of the boards or the other or right through the middle. the idea is to get the first forechecker to force you to put it one way. then the other players need to read that he is forcing the puck one way and react to where is most likely will go. the third player should do the opposite incase youdo go another way. the drill can progress by adding a defenceman or 2 on your side to beat them to the puck.

there is alot of ways to cure being first to the puck but i would say if the effort is there and you dont see and hesitancy from them then its almost always anticipation and hockey sense.

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