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Originally Posted by AntsSheffield View Post
I coach young kids at football (soccer) and find shouting helps. No seriously, they tend to just watch play sometimes and you see them visibly move when you remind them the "Go on, XXX! Make it yours!"
i have gone as far as saying in practices and in the room that "the other team should NEVER have the puck" if they have the puck we get it back asap, never watch them skate and never let them get the puck first.

keep away drills in practice are good for this. have 2 coaches with stop watches and play 3 on 3. seclude them to one section of the ice and let them play keep away. time how long each team of 3 holds the puck. who ever gets to 2mins first wins. then the next group of 3 challenges them. the losers wind sprint down the ice and back and then wait for their next turn. most kids are natually competitive so making it a competition takes away the drill aspect and encourages puck possesion.

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