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06-17-2013, 08:12 AM
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My thoughts on the event.

I was entertained overall and had a great time with my friends. We headed to the block party in the afternoon which was pretty decent and then went to the Shark club for bevys, shots and some apps. Then it was off to the MTS center for the prelims. I was suprised how packed it was for the prelims (Dana said 11,000 for the first prelim based on MTS numbers). Delorme lit up the arena with a win in his hometown which was great to see and be a part of and the majority of the other pre lims were decent. The only thing which killed this event for me was the Jake Shields vs Woodly fight right before the main events. In Dana white's words the fight sucked and it sucked the life out of the arena. I dont think we will see Shields be resigned by the UFC after his contract is up.

Overall had a great time! Downside was that this event was tied for the most split decisions in UFC history but it is unrealistic to expect a knockout or sub in every single fight they put on. As for the comment above about western canada getting screwed, I would more so say unlucky. These athletes train hard for their fights and sometimes they get injured and cant perform. it is not like they are just pulling the fighters out for no reason. Does it suck? yes. but it happens alot.

Would I watch another UFC live? Maybe. I was fully entertained and it was well worth the money for the almost five hours of entertainment and the events during the day. Only thing that would deter me or really make me think of not going again is the uncomfortable seating and lack of leg room as it is a very long event.

anyone know the final number count for the 50/50? Last time I saw it was at 60k + I believe. Man that would of topped of the night winning that, ha.

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