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06-17-2013, 11:44 AM
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Eh, was out of town and just saw this news today. I have no strong feelings on this either way. AV was the entirely predictable choice, assuming Sather didn't go the Messier route. I have no big problems with AV, but am not convinced he will be an upgrade over Torts. And am still not thrilled with the timing on firing Torts or the choice to do so considering the options that were available/likely. Lateral move at best. Can only wait and see what happens.


Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
People actually PM that stuff? Wow!
Yes, they do. I got one similar in nature from a guy who is "respected" and considered by many to be a "veteran" poster around here. Pretty laughable that some people take it to that level - immediately lost all respect for the poster and any opinion they had/have.

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This I like. A lot.
You won't when our dmen make a fail read, join the rush or pinch at a poor time, and end up giving up a **** ton more odd man rushes the other way than you've seen in the past few seasons.

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Kesler was injured the majority of the year; he's a huge part of their PP.
So what you're saying is that personnel matters, and that even a good coach can't work miracles without the right pieces? Novel concept.

But I guess AV gets a pass, and other already forgotten coaches don't.

Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post

Got rid of Torts AND got the best coach available. Also no Messier. Good start to the offseason for ol' Glenny. Now just avoid the FA market, trade DZ for a young forward, and we're ready to go for next season.
And then who is your 6th d? And what happens if/when just one of the top 4 dmen gets injured? This team doesn't have nearly the NHL-ready depth on d that it seems like people think it does.

Unless Sather is seeking an upgrade for a big shot from the point or a real PP QB, he shouldn't mess with the defense imo. It is perhaps the only part of this roster (beyond goalie) where the personnel aren't significantly lacking and you don't have guys playing above where they should in the lineup.

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