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06-17-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Green Blob View Post
839 players? There is only 630 active players in the NHL at one given time. list everyone who has played 1 single game which is mostly younger players.

So that % is about 18%. will also list older players who are depth for their organization and don't always have spots on their NHL teams. The point, whether the number is 18 or 14, is that there aren't a lot. 119 rounds out to about 4 per team, roster or depth or otherwise.

The general age of all NHL players is 18-40. The ages 33-40 represent 34.78% of the potential active years players can have careers. Yet only 14-18% of them are actually making it to that age. Think about that for a second. More than 80% of NHLers don't have NHL careers past the age of 33. Yeah, there are some players who can make it that far. There are even fewer who are effective, high end offensive players. St Louis and Selanne and even Jagr are exceptions to the norm. For most players to have careers at those ages, they usually have to reinvent themselves. The guy that comes to mind is Mike Modano. For the last 5-6 years of his career, he was basically an elite 3rd liner. I'm not talking about his numbers, I'm talking about his style of play.

Brad Richards isn't aging well, in terms of on-ice ability. He's going to have to reinvent his game and sooner, not later. Whatever he reinvents his game into, it's not going to be worth a $6.67m cap hit. It certainly isn't going to be worth any cap recapture risk potentially faced. And if it is inevitable that you will use a compliance buyout on him, if that is in fact the plan, then you can't wait.

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