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Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
One quick note on the 'x' & 'y' thing: my analogy was more to the point that you state things like, 'If the Flyers want to see what they have in Mason (x), then they should make him the starter noew (y).' It was more to show that, within that statement, it is unclear what your actual opinion is. I say this because, in some of the cases where I have challenged you on a similar statement, you have noted that what I disagreed with wasn't your actual opinion and was only an 'if/then' scenario for the Flyers.

Mason is only signed for one year. The only option for the Flyers to see if he can be a starting goalie for the foreseeable future is to put him in the position to be the starter this year. How can the situation be any different? What my argument has been from the first time I quoted you is that the Flyers cannot take that chance and legitimately expect to be competitive this season (based on his work in the previous several seasons).

You seem to see that I am saying that the only option is to make him the back-up (my preferred choice, yes), but I have suggested platooning him, as well. I agree that he needs to earn the starter's role in a platooning scenario, but I also believe that the Flyers need to put his development aside if there's an option to acquire a guy with Luongo's ability and track record.
Ok well it seems that there is a lot of misunderstanding here on both sides. Haha. My opinion on Mason is really that I am not sure. I wouldn't be opposed to them running with him as the starter, and I wouldn't be opposed to them finding someone else. It is basically what I have been saying: pick something and commit.

End of this discussion?

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