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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Comment about evaluations. SH% metric or the SV% metric blend shots. Evaluations do not. A 25 foot shot taken by the same player at different times would likely produce different evaluations especially when all factors from choice to execution,are considered. Same applies for every other aspect measured, passes, saves for goalies, handling the puck, etc.
Agreed. Now, how do you hold that all in your head when comparing players? (And how do you account for biases that would happen in evaluation, such as an evaluator being at ice-level for one shot, but in the 200 level for another, or the evaluator's mood changing from day to day influencing his/her views, and things like that)?

(Bottom line - first-hand evaluations are important, and no one who should be taken seriously claims otherwise. However, numerical techniques are also important, and anyone who exclusively uses one or the other is missing a significant part of the picture. Let's not derail this thread to too large of a degree - please use the stickied thread to talk specifically about the merits of scouts vs. stats.)

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