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Originally Posted by ChesterNimitz View Post
I hope I'm not being too overly assertive and offending some sensitive souls on this Board. But I'm still feeling the sting of the castigation I had to endure for expressing my opinion that Morin just might not be a viable expectation at 25. As for Rychel, I suggest that you simply watch the tapes. The man's skating doesn't even standout in Junior where most of the players he's playing against will be selling insurance in two years. In the NHL, good skating is the minimum level necessary to exceed. He will never reach that level. Rychel has journeyman written all over him. Is this what you really want to draft in the first round?
Don't worry, the laughing smiley was supposed to tell you I'm not the sensitive type.

I have watched him, during the lockout all I watched was OHL hockey. His skating isn't an issue, it isn't "standout", but if he was a "standout" skater he'd be ranked ahead of guys like Shinkaruk, Horvat, Domi, Lazar, Zykov, and Horvat and Zykov aren't standout skaters either. He'd probably be neck and neck with Wennberg to be the 7th best forward in this strong draft.

You're overstating his skating issues as well as the importance of skating for the type of player he is, which is a rugged and skilled scoring winger.

If we pass on Rychel, assuming noone better falls, we'll regret it. A rugged and tough top 6 winger who scores goals and stands up for teammates is something this team should crave. He has future captain potential as well.

The question isn't should we take Rychel if he's there, but rather is he there at all? And I worry about that, because for me, after Rychel and Erne, there's a pretty steep dropoff at the forward spot where everyone is either a gamble or a low ceiling player.

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