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06-17-2013, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
Interesting. From the posts I remember reading, it was more a case of you castigating everyone who thought there was a chance of Morin being available, then proceeding to lecture the board on how we should all focus on "probabilities rather than possibilities".

In fact, I think you must have copied and pasted the same post multiple times daily. I'm sure that what you perceive as being "castigation for expressing your opinion" is in fact the board's general annoyance at having to read your condescending posts ad nauseum.

How unjust...I feel for you. Although I am much more fearful that we are on the verge of you loosing a barrage of "Rychel is too slow" posts on the board with a similar vanity and righteousness that has come to characterize your posts so far.
Thank you.

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