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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
Snatch a spot meaning what? He was the MVP and the legit starter of the Heat a couple of years ago. It's amazing how all the detractors conveniently ignore that point.

Then he got injured. Brust was signed and took the starters job. But, and this is the biggest criticism of Ward and the development process with the Heat, Irving never got a chance to regain his starter's job. Because Ward coaches to win, he rolled with the hot hand, which was often Brust, and later Taylor. All of which meant Irving was relegated to once a month starts and few goalies will thrive in that kind of environment.

Irving was mishandled and that should be obvious to anyone. he wasn't even given a chance at the job during the lockout; rather than developing Flames prospects, the Heat choose a platoon of Brust and Taylor, neither of whom have a NHL future. That's bad development, plain and simple.
Well to what extent do you hand him the starter's role? By all accounts he had by far the worst training camp out of all the goalies last fall and that's why his chances were limited off the bat. Then he was outperformed in his starts by BOTH Taylor and Brust. He was then given another chance by the organization in Flames training camp where he beat out Karlsson. But then he botched that chance by sucking at the NHL level.

Irving has had a ton of chances in this organization and he failed to seize them all. At times he was good but apparently consistency is not his strong suit. I think it is too simplistic to blame this all on Ward, Irving has to take responsibility for his play as well. If he can't outperform guys like Taylor or Brust at the AHL level then maybe he isn't all that.

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