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06-17-2013, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Green Blob View Post
These a big boys playing out there, if seeing Brad Richards being scratched is a distraction to them then something is wrong.

Im not saying Torts was the reason he stunk for parts of the season, that was Richards. But he still put up respectable numbers in the season while slumping most of it. And I think the risk is worth the reward to let him play another season.

I think its more likely he bounces back than craps the bed again. Again he had 34 points in 46 games. The way some of you make it sound is if he had 5 points in 46 games. We arent talking about Clowe here.

These are humans "out there." If the Rangers make the bonehead move and keep Richards AND he struggles AND Richards gets benched it will be a season long distraction. Richards paded his numbers the last few weeks of the season. I also don't think 34 points in 46 games is "respectable" for someone making the money Richards does. He's being paid to be a playmaker and score.

Richards has been declining for 4 years....right? Explain how it's more likely he bounces back this year?

If Richards gets hurt and the Rangers can't buy him out it would set the franchise back years. It would mean we can't resign key players that actually matter.

I also don't get how you can wonder what Free Agent we will spend the money on. Why do we have to sign a free agent to replace Richards with Stepan and Brassard on the roster? That Richards money can be used towards resigning our own guys, add depth to the 3rd line, or kept for a trade deadline acquisition. The Rangers can improve the team just by buying Richards out. It's the better short and long term move.

Ironically i'd buy Richards out and sign Briere who at half the price would be worth the risk. If Richards was bought out by another team I'd sign HIM for half the price because he would be worth the risk. At Richards cap number AND production he is an anchor holding the team down.....

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