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06-17-2013, 06:09 PM
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The biggest issue nobody seems to mention is that north america is still pretty bad ass backwards interms of internet connectivity. Xbone will kill your datacap if your on a normal plan with 100gb monthly limit if what they advertised is true. If 720p videos being played for 8 hours a day every day for a month pushed me to 100gb, I can't imagine what happens when they use cloud computing to render new stuff on the screen (as it seems to be implied with expandable infinite worlds, the onboard GPU isn't rendering it anymore at that point).

To me, I think the Xbone cloud concept is too early to work and will take maybe 5 years to finally get anywhere. Just like how OnLive was too early for its time due to horrible internet datacaps and bandwidth limits. Advertise cloud to Korea, and it will work. In North America, we need better internet infrastructure in place to support such a concept.

Then comes the last part. What makes them think they can't do the same thing on the PS4? PS4 is also pushing for the cloud (Gaikai anyone?), it's just not assumed every single console will be connected to the internet, but if a person was connected to the internet, they would get the same experience with cloud computing, but the same problem applies, our internet infrastructure is horrible.

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