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06-17-2013, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Durrr View Post
I didn't prove your point at all, you have no point except to hate on a player who's undeserving. Do you really think Montreal is closer to winning a cup then Toronto because they have Subban on there roster? How about the Wild or the Ducks? I don't even understand why you even try to make a point, it's not like the leafs can just go out and get one of the 10 above dion anytime they want. You say we accept mediocrity, yet you bash dion because he's not the #1 D in the league. Do you know how ridiculous that it? That's not his fault that Toronto relies on him as much as we do. The fact is we have a top 10ish defender in the league, and it's managements job to provide him with a supporting D corps that can compete for the cup. Look at Doughty, who only came in 9th yet won the cup last year. Do you think his mediocrity held back the kings? The fact is, this year Dion was ranking 11th in all D men in the league, if 11th out of every single D men is mediocrity to you, then your argument is completely unjustifiable.

I'm not even trying to pump dions tires here, he obviously has his short comings but regardless he's a solid #1. On top of all this we have defense in the system who could very well take the #1 spot from dion in a few years, so again, who cares about your opinion that he's not top 5 or whatever when the leafs have clearly made an effort to find those high end D players.
Why bother? Anytime I read the whole 'player that wins you a cup' argument I instantly tune out.
There is no 'type of player'. Just people talking out their ass.

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