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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Sorry for late reply.
I used to live there. For 24 years. That's where I grew up.

Floods? They're sorta common on ile Sainte-Thérèse (... where I grew up) -- especially on the north end of the island, and Saint-Blaise. The big floods from 2 years ago were mainly from downtown to the extreme end of St-Eugène. Or, in other words, everything located south of rue Jacques-Cartier.

Floods in Saint-Eugène were kind of a 1-in-a-million thing though. But I guess if you're looking for something on ile Sainte-Therese, be prepared. The East side is totally unvulnerable, except for a lone spot at the north end.

If anyting, I'd kindof avoid the river side completely. Not because of flooding, but because the Richelieu has some kind of tendency to stink.

I wouldn't qualify the city as a ********* cache. Yes, there are douches. Mind you, there are douches everywhere.

I think the new projects lack personnality, but that's just me. Saint-Luc sector is REALLY, REALLY calm.
thank you for the reply

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