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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
Some would claim this as a basketball city yet the Sixers have some of the worst attendance numbers in the NBA based off capacity percentage. It's not really their fault though when attendance is almost an issue for every team outside of like 10 or so teams.

Snider made a good move by dumping them and letting some else worry about that while they still pay him money every month for rent.

It's also a good move for STH's so that don't have to buy Sixers tickets on top of Flyers tickets to get center ice seats anymore since Snider doesn't own them.
Oh no doubt that was the smart business move. The Sixers have **** poor attendance, but a lot of that is from the product on the court. They have terrible management and haven't had a real marketable star since Iverson left.

I do think Snider would get back in the NBA if the place was right. Being a successful NBA market is just as much about location as it is talent in most cases (outside of OKC). Unless you're in a major market or a desirable place to live, you're not going to attract the stars that you need to succeed in the star driven NBA. A lot of people thought Virginia Beach could at least be a decent NBA market because it's a pretty damn good place to live that would attract a good amount of free agents.

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