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06-17-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
Backes and Steen; absolutely.
I think he soured a bit on Oshie during our last bit of PO failure. He had him on the third line and called out that unit twice during the series. He even blasted our entire group of "homegrown" players in his post-series PC. I don't think Oshie did enough to separate himself from the criticism that rest of that group received.

That said; I also don't believe that Oshie is the guy Hitch would want traded. I think Berglund jumps to the top of that list followed closely by Perron. The two of them had a lot of stretches of selfish play over the course of the year and had some extremely bad defensive breakdowns in the series against LA that Hitch pointed to as the reason we lost.

I can't see Oshie getting traded, but I wouldn't label him untouchable either. We won't move him for a winger; but if it gets us a #1 center who fits our system, Oshie would be on the table.
I agree and disagree with the bolded at the same time. I agree that there was disappointment there, and room for legitimate criticism, given that Oshie's play this past postseason (and season for that matter) was a bit below the high standard we've come to expect for him. In that sense, he certainly can be lumped in with Berglund and Perron.

I disagree in the sense that Hitchcock continuously rides Oshie ridiculously hard in terms of responsibility...well beyond any other forward not named Backes or Steen. The expectations are very high, and deservedly so given how he's excelled in those situations in the past. In that way, I believe that Oshie has definitely set himself apart from Berglund and Perron.

With regards to putting him on the table for a #1 center like the one you described, I suppose that can't really be argued with. I don't see any names being thrown around in here that would get me interested, though.

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