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06-17-2013, 09:13 PM
King Karlsson
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Warrior Widow: 85 flex, Draper, matte blade finish

No complaints about this stick. True OPS makes for a wicked kick point and the corner only nipple-grip is sweet. I really love the pop in the blade as well, really really good feel for stickhandling, passing, and shooting.

Sherwood T90: 75 flex, grip, Stastny

Blade lost a little stiffness over a while and the shaft is a bit big for my liking but this stick is really great. The flex is too whippy for me (got whippier over time) but it's still serviceable and I have a wicked one-timer with it. Blade also chipped a bit near the heel but mostly cosmetic damage.

Reebok AI9: 85 flex, Hedman, grip

Eh... I thought I liked this stick but upon further review, the blade is way too thick for me and shooting provides little to no pop. Feels like a struggle to get a puck going the way you want it, and the flex is more like a 90. I'd probably pass on this stick.

Easton SE16: 85 flex, non-grip, Sakic

The best. Paint chips a little too easily (aka ridiculously easily) and the non-grip is a little annoying but I bought it anyways and just candy-caned it because that's how great this stick is.

Sherwood N12: 85 flex, Ryan, grip

Perfectly balanced stick, nice blade feel but the curve was not my preferred curve and the flex is a little stiff for an 85. I wish I could've traded it in for a Stastny but they didn't have any at the time and I had won a contest so I had no choice Would like to have a second chance with this because even with a stiff flex and wrong curve it's still a really nice stick to use.

CCM U+ CL: 100 flex (approximate), non-grip, pro-stock

Loved this stick, but unfortunately I sold it to a friend as it was too short and the blade was cracking. Even with a flex way higher than I normally use, it shot the puck off the blade like a rocket.

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