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06-17-2013, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by UNB Bruins Fan View Post
So here is how the roster looks right now (feel free to make any corrections that I may have missed/do not know about):


Pridham (eligibility)
Swan (eligibility)
Campbell (eligibility)
Denny (eligibility)
Fullerton (eligibility)
LaCosta (eligibility)
Lynes (injury)
Todd (pro)

RETURNING (15)[/U][/B]
(D) Kidd
(D) Wright
(D) Desnoyers
(D) Priamo
(D) Robertson
(D) Shutron
(F-C) Culligan
(F-LW) Carroll
(F-RW) Nesbitt
(F-C) Braes
(F-LW) Critchlow
(F-RW) MacNeil
(F-LW) Houde-Caron
(F-C) MacDougall
(F) Salituro

(G) Charles Lavigne
(F-C) Ben Duffy
(F-LW) Mike Thomas
(F-RW) Dylan Willick
(F-RW)Cam Maclise
(F-RW)Brandon Hynes (rumour)
(D) Jordan Murray (rumour)
Plus (3)
(G) Joel Vienneau
(D) Kevin Cutting
(D) Matt Petgrave

So ... that totals 14 forwards and 9 Defense for 23 skaters and 2 Goalies (if everyone shows up). I believe Salituro is the odd man out in this math, but you never know. This also means there is no 'spare' card for a Christmas recruit.

9 'D' leads me to believe that someone on the list isn't coming back (Wright/Kidd).

Foyle - did you ever hear what came down at the AUS meetings hosted by UNB a few weeks ago? Did the 'injured reserve' idea pass?

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