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CBC Go Public: Should junior hockey fights be subject to criminal charges?

Nick plays major midget 'A' hockey in Woodstock. In January, his team was winning 7-2 against the Brantford 99ers. The Majors said tempers were high. The Brantford team had received several misconduct penalties and two of its players had been ejected.

Near the end of the third period, Nick skated toward the opposing net. When the whistle blew, he stopped in front — spraying the opposing team’s goalie with ice.

It was seen as what's called 'snowing the goalie.' In apparent retaliation, a Brantford player cross checked him from behind. Other players crowded the net and fights broke out.

It's what happened next that that his father said was "sickening" to watch.

With Nick down on the ice, the same player who checked him then grabbed him, pulled his helmet off, and punched him relentlessly in the head — at least 10 times — before the linesman was able to pull him off.

Both boys were suspended — for fighting — Nick for two games and the other boy for four, because it was his second fight of the season.
However, his mother's video shows Nick didn’t fight back. He took the blows, then got up and skated to the bench. He suffered a broken nose, concussion, bruises and cuts.

His parents and team manager said taunts and insults from the other team continued even as Nick was being taken to hospital.
I'm of the personal opinion that no, except in egregious cases, this should be handled by the hockey league's discipline system. That said, watching the video i'm surprised that there was no supplemental discipline except for the automatic "fighting" suspension.

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