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06-18-2013, 07:28 AM
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from what little i know and have seen from the top n.a. prospects they are without doubt very talented (particularly druoin to me) but i have some reservations as to whether they can step into an nhl role immediately. the euro prospects may have a better chance of that.

no choice but to hope that management does the right things. it is a crap shoot but they are the professionals that get paid to do these things. hope their moves pan out.

i think part of the issues are that the canes may feel that they need help now rather than to wait and develop. public sentiment for that is high at this point but it may not be the best course of action.

i have said and do believe that it will take at least two years, perhaps three, of the hurricanes making good moves in order to be a true contender. after watching the top teams compete this post season, carolina isn't even close imo. the option of moving that 5th pick may be a good choice or not depending on the return and circumstances. i suppose there are lots of options and i don't envy their predicament.

i feel that moving core guys is a panic move and more of a step back for a step forward. they should keep their good core players and add to, hence the two to three year build. i think there are likely to be some good opportunities via free agency, buys outs and trades. some dead weight and money needs to be shed though for sure.

semin, the staals, tlusty, skinner, faulk, murphy, should be retained at this point but i think any of the others including ward could be shopped. don't know too much about the skill and readiness of some of the guys with the checkers. have not been impressed by any i saw play this season. rask i haven't seen play.

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