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06-18-2013, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRfan68 View Post
So news out of Italy is that Ambrosini won't be re-upping with Milan.
Three teams are apparently interested...

Us, West Ham, and TFC.

I feel confident if we want him, we'll get him.
Mainly because its us, a real EPL team, and a fake EPL team.

Italians don't often go to England and frankly I don't know why Ambrosini at this stage would want to be on a mid table EPL team.

His other option is to play on a crappy team that think they're an EPL team that perpetually loses....OR

He can play with his long time teammate Nesta and a bunch of Amici Italiani. I think we'll sign him.

EDIT: NVM He may sign w/ Fiorentina. I'm not deleting this post because I love insulting TFC and their fake Englishness & hooliganism.
Being an AC Milan fan I can say that Ambrosini would be a great help for the Impact. Hey he got a feel for the city a few years ago so it's his decision and hopefully Nesta can convince him

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