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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
The only one that is really comparable there is Gonchar. The rest were in their mid to late 20's when they signed those deals, making them much less risky. The cap hit isn't what most people are complaining about (I was expecting somewhere between 5-5.5), but is the length. A 4 year 35+ Contract is a major risk (made even more risky by the NTC) especially for a guy who peaks out as a 2-4 defensemen.

Right now, unless they find a taker for Mez, the Flyers will likely have about 29 million (roughly 45% of the cap) committed to what is at best an average D core. If this contract was an isolated case, I don't think most of us would care. But it speaks to a larger problem which is that the team has horrible cap management skills. Homer was just given 2 get out of jail free cards that will most likely be used on Bryz and Briere. And he's wasted no time replacing those with more bad contracts.
This is a great, succinct analysis of Streit's deal within that list of contracts. I would just add that, of that list, how many are considered to be good deals? For two, Carle's was horrible from the start and he's rumoured to be an amnesty candidate, and Wisniewski's was met with wide-eyed stares when it was struck. Plus, it's not just the player and the deal but the team making it. Which of the deal-making clubs currently have a red number on capgeek under cap space? Okay, that was facetious, but fewer will bat eyelashes when an otherwise cap-comfortable team decides on overpaying for a couple of contracts. With our dear squad, you'd think the NHL were taking cap space directly out of Paul Holmgren's children's piggy banks.

To quote a small, out-of-context part of dats81's post "The good thing is that we have a generous owner and a GM who will do anything to win." Unfortunately, "anything" isn't allowed anymore. There is a cap ceiling and a whole lot of other rules about salaries on a team.

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