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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
I'm not suggesting freezing the media out--just question why the Garden would move them to a place they have touted as a cool and unique way to see a hockey game.
The media should be located center ice, camera side, so that they call the game the way it's viewed on television. The old media crows nest took up, what, at most one section of old blue seats? Since the action cameras won't be with them, it is certain they won't need as much space on the 31st bridge. I expect them to rope / glass off maybe 30 feet of center ice bridge on the 31st side for TV (at worst the length of the neutral zone). They have the entire 33rd street side for selling tickets, plus whatever they don't need on the 31st street side.

Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Second, im going to reserve judgement on the bridges. Obviously they are going to be somewhat of a novelty and most likely a real pain for some of the sth's a little further up. I also think they are a safety hazard, regardless of how much security is up there. I do however like the idea of the ring and TV sets hanging on it, provided they don't interfere with the view of the ice.
There were similar truss obstructions at the old Montreal Forum for those patrons in the last rows of those blue seats and for those in blue seat standing room. I do not think the view on the ice will be impacted at all, but like others, would not be happy with having a tunnel-vision like view of the ice. In Montreal, they had 23" tube CRTs in the overhead. Here, they will have bright LED ribbons and big flat panels, which will take your eye away from what you went there to watch -- the game on the ice.

When I went at the end of last year I liked the upgrades they made but I was disappointed in the width of the concourses. Thought they would be larger with some areas open to the windows viewing Manhattan. But overall I think MSG is a better experience all around then the old one.
By moving the old 7th floor concourse up to the 8th floor, it was a given that they concourses would be narrower. And besides, now the concourses used by old 300 and 400 level patrons must now be used by all 200 level patrons. More people in less area means more crowds. There was no way they could open windows on the 8th floor concourse, since all the infrastructure to the roof is run on the perimeter of the building, along with the emergency exit stairwells. Possible, but not pleasing to the eye. With the 6th floor, they had many options on the avenues, but not so on the street sides of the building.

I have not walked it, but I am sure the suite concourse on the 7th floor is a ball room.

My main want is one thing, and thats better ICE. Whatever they have to do, new ice plant, new flooring , better exhaust system to deal with the heat from Penn station below it, I hope its done in top notch fashion and a real difference is noticed. Especially now that AV is going to instill a more offensive system, the better ice cant hurt!
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