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06-18-2013, 10:54 AM
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really hoping they don't select jones or nurse if still there when they pick. imo they should keep adding to the forward group with their picks this year and work on the defense using other means.

as much as public opinion seems to be demanding a 'quick fix', i hope they do their best to move wisely even over some time rather than to be rash in any way.

for eg.. although i understand that the penguins are in a much different situation regarding their market and fan base, i was impressed by shero in his press conference stating how while he acknowledges public opinion, his decisions are based on what they think is best for the team using the information they have. maybe it's unfair to compare the two organizations but i would like to think they will make competent judgements for the well being of the team rather than to appease the fans short term. i guess some past dealings seem contrary to that notion however.

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