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06-18-2013, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
Seriously? If your boss came to you and said they wanted to pay you less, you'd be okay with that? Especially knowing that the guy you work beside makes more? What if the guy who works across the street from you makes 20% or 30% more than you do? Are you still fine?
No guy on this team will make more than Giroux. I guarantee that.

As far as across the street? If we're talking increments of millions of dollars, then I don't care.

If I'm making 100k a year and some dude is doing the same job across the street for 120k a year?

I'm okay with that. Maybe I'm weird, but as long as I can live my life happily, I don't need excessive funding or competition. If I'm happy where I am, I'll take the pay cut.

Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
It makes no difference if you make $10 an hour or $5 million a year -- we're talking about your pay in comparison to others in your profession.
Yes, it really does make a difference. A huge difference.

Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
I can promise you that Roo's agent has Lavi's comments about Roo being the best player in the league in his back pocket. Not to mention the all-star appearance, wearing the C, and his stats to back him up.
I guess we'll see. I'm not really worried either way.

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