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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Okay piece by piece I will show why you are wrong right here.

Coburn. Stats don't lie do they? Now let's look at Coburns numbers from this year and years past.


Last year


He was third on the team because Carle and Pronger were paired together. Coburn was with Kimmo. Carle was not the #2 on this team either. Kimmo was, but you split them up to have two outstanding d-pairings.

Now we all know he isn't used on the PP. You say he is too "soft" defensively but he averaged the most minutes on our whole defensive squad primarily playing in a defensive role this year.

Besides Kimmo, he is the most established top 4 NHL defender we have, so just simple language you are wrong.

Carle will never, I will repeat never, have the offensive game that Streit does. Streit has outproduced Carle in every facet of the offensive game, and that is even when Carle was paired with a hall of famer in Pronger. Streit hit 60 points once and also had 59. The last two years he is at 49 and 47. He had 27 this year, pro-rated it would be close to his average the last 2 years. He has a better shot than Carle, and they are close defensively.

You condemn Homer for not rebuilding the defense since Pronger has gone down? It was last year. He is trying to piece together a defense now in the absent of a hall of famer who nobody saw his downfall coming. He is doing exactly what you are condemning him for, trying to replace Pronger.
Stats do lie, and people manipulate them anytime they wish to make a point.

The fact that he played so much on the top pairing and the defense was so bad is enough proof for me.

He does not hit like Schenn or Grossman, so he is soft. Period.

Streit is a player on the downside of career, Carle should be entering his prime as a player.

Rebuilding a defense does not consist of constantly buying the top free agent defenseman, and
neglecting to develop any defensive propects due to focusing on center position exclusively.

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