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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
What has Nash done?

I know you're only supporting him because you're a Ranger fan.

I'm a die hard Ranger fan and I think Nash is one of the worst contracts in the NHL and was one of the most overrated players in the league when we acquired him.

This was a GOOD regular season for Nash. And Hall was still every bit as good. Than, factor in that Nash was a passenger in the post season, did absolutely nothing, and didn't play hurt on his own account. Then factor in that he wasn't even the best forward on our team, and that Lundqvist/Stepan were the biggest reasons for our post season appearance, and I think it goes even more into Hall's favor. I'm not saying Hall is better than Nash, but you can't really argue that Nash is better in the present day.

Just because he's a Ranger it doesn't mean we have to act like he is a top player in the league. I feel like Ranger fans keep trying to convince themselves that Nash is an elite forward because he has a $7.8 million contract and we are stuck with him for a LONG time. In reality, he's a 30 goal / 60 point winger for the better part of his career. It is what it is.

You don't know much about my posting history regarding Nash, do you? I can't stand him. I didn't want the Rangers to trade for him, and I honestly feel that many of the problems the team had this year can be attributed to him (he has a reputation for being a horrible locker room guy). I DO think he's one of the worst contracts in the league, and if I could undo the Nash and Gaborik trades, I would do it in an instant.

This thread, however, isn't about contracts. It's about using the past accomplishments of a player to determine top ten lists at the present time. And based on what Nash and Hall have shown us, there is no reasonable argument for placing Hall over Nash today.

(also, I just had a WCW flashback with all of these "Hall and Nash" references. Yikes).

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