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06-18-2013, 11:54 AM
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My oh my, I came here to add a post to the ongoing Streit discussion. It was like walking into a Tarantino gunfight.

Sorry to somewhat ignore the past 3 pages of everything that is/isn't wrong with the Flyers franchise, but I was thinking of a different tack on evaluating the Streit deal, prompted by this end-of-school-year period, and with my wife (the elementary schoolteacher) furiously (in all senses of the word) completing the report cards for her students. Here goes:
1. Deal improves the Flyers’ immediate roster: B+
2. Deal strengthens / has significant probability of strengthening the roster in the long term: C
3. Deal addresses a significant roster need: B+
4. Deal adds one or more players who are expected to contribute positively off the ice: A
5. Deal avoids the loss of significant assets: A
6. Deal improves the cap situation: D-
7. Deal was the best available (as far as is known): C+
8. Deal sticks it to the Penguins organization: D

Weighing out these grades, I would give the Streit deal an overall grade of C+.

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