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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
Income is income up until a certain point. Every year guys in every sport go to places that were not offering them the most money. This is mainly true of the elite talent in a league. A guy like Talbot will likely go to whoever is paying the most because he wants to maximize his earning while he can. But a top athlete will choose a team based on other considerations besides money, even regular people like us don't always take the highest paying job we can.

Now these athletes are not going to those teams for peanuts, as they're still getting paid a ton, but that's the point. If you're making a ton of money regardless of where you go, you're going to go to the place you like most. Giroux obviously likes the Flyers most because it's all he knows, he may be willing to take $7.5 a year rather than $8.5 if he thinks it'll help the team. He shouldn't want $9+ million a year because he should know that it will handicap his team.

He's already made like $13 million, he'd be getting another $60 with $7.5 a year at 8 years, and then another couple million if he can hang around until is late 30's. You're talking about a career earnings of $85-90 million, rather than an earnings of $93-98 million. Yes it's more, but as Cliff Lee said, once the numbers get to like $100 million it all seems fake, and you just pick the place you want to be most.

If Giroux really thought that $1 mil could make a difference he'd sign for a million less. The thing is, does he actually feel that it could help? It's the GM's job to convince him it does without offending him.
Well said. In the end, players can choose their contracts a couple of ways. They can try to maximize their earning potential and take the highest contract they can possibly receive, or they can take a fair contract that won't hamstring the team's ability to put pieces around them. They're entitled to do either, but let's not act like taking slightly less money means they're going to the poor house the moment their career is over, or at least they shouldn't be.

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