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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
It's not a simple as just saying expense percentages are in line with one another. I make around $50,000 in base salary. I also have monthly payments on my car that come out to about $4,800 a year. That's roughly ten percent of my salary. Do you really think a guy that's making $5,000,000 a year in the NHL is paying $480,000 for his cars per year? I mean he could be, but I highly doubt he would.

Professional athletes and other substantially wealthy people aren't in the same financial zip code as normal people. Trying to compare the two on their expense percentages is ridiculous.
You're right - I simplified it (probably too much). Pro athletes won't be spending 10% of their income on a car. When you or I buy a house, it's not the equivalent of a year's pay (although I wish it were!). They have significantly different expenses than we do.

My point was that no matter what your normal pay is, that's how you live. I'm guessing that your standard of living is different now than it was when you made $18K a year. Your standard of living if you were making $200K would be different than it is now, and when you were making $18K a year, you probably thought $50K would give you everything you needed in life and you'd have tons of money in the bank. Do you? Personally speaking, I don't. I think I probably would at $200K a year but then again, I thought that about $50K or $60K.

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