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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
Well given the overall negative reception of that CoD game there might be a reason it's untouched. The interactivity with the ps3 seems to be its selling point, as most of the vita games are already available on the ps3 or average at best. I own a 3ds so there is some bias but I bought a psp years ago with the full intention of playing it as much as my DS, but the lackluster library killed it for me. I spent more hours playing New Super Mario Bros than all of my psp games put together.

The vita could pick up in the future but with the new ssb on the horizon I don't think it's going to outsell the 3ds even with its struggles
To me, it really depends what kind of games you like to play on a mobile platform. I had a PSP and it lasted me longer than I expected it would, not because of what was released in north america (horrible library), but what was released in europe and asia (much better library and variety of games, not all macho man shooters). Language barriers are an issue, but some games are so fun even if you dont know the language, like Project Diva rythm games. It seems to me that 3ds was targetted more towards the younger audience, while PSP/Vita is more for the older audience, and their games library reflect that.

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