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06-18-2013, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Eggers View Post
The Hawks change this around by getting Handzus the **** outta the top 6. What in the world is Quenneville thinking? He barely stuck on San Jose's 3rd line this season and he has him centering Kane? The Hawks threw a Kane - Kruger - Sharp 2nd line together last season and it rolled over other lines. Meanwhile, Shaw and Rozsival are playing on Chicago's top PP unit while Sharp and Leddy play on the 2nd, at least of what I saw tonight. How's that working out?

It's hilarious to me that two of the biggest favorites this year are having their playoffs derailed thanks to acquiring ******, old players.
Hawks are in the finals ,,, Handzus has been more good then bad and isn't reason the Hawks are losing finals. How exactly are the Hawks playoffs being derailed due to him?

Do I wish Hawks had acquired something better? Yep
Do I think Handzus for 4th round pick has been bad? Nope

As for changes

Q doesn't play Sharp at C (Hasn't since they won cup ,, We will never know why) so we are stuck with Handzus as only viable #2 C option

Kruger has shown very little every time he has been given chance there and Bolland is a disgrace at this point

As for PP ,, Kompon is total joke of coach and there is nothing the Hawks can do until he is fired

Only reason he was hired is because he is Q's buddy

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